The Scottish Labour Party has a separate constitution from the UK party to reflect the needs of the Party under devolution. Any member living in Scotland, or elected representative who represents Scotland (at any level of Government) is a member of Scottish Labour.

At the most recent leadership contest for the Scottish Party, Kezia Dugdale was elected leader and Alex Rowley was elected deputy leader.

The Scottish Labour Party has a Scottish Executive Committee, which governs the running of the Party.  Membership of the SEC is composed of elected representatives, affiliated trade unionists and CLP representatives, who are periodically elected.

Each year there is a Scottish Party Conference which meets to discuss policy and takes votes on devolved matters. This year the Scottish Conference will have debates and votes on motions that have been submitted via CLPs and trade union affiliates.

To attend Conference you can sign up via the Scottish Labour Party website if you have not been formally nominated as a delegate by your CLP or affiliated trade union.

The UK Labour Party represents the political wing of the labour movement at a British level. Members of Scottish Labour will also be a member of the wider UK Labour Party.

Again, each year there is a Labour Party Conference which debates policy and will help shape the Party's manifesto for reserved UK-level policies. With the help of Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), we have published advice on motions and rule changes for Delegates in our Resource section.