Here you will find resources and suggestions you can use for organising, internal elections and local Constituency Labour Party meetings.

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Ballot papers will start arriving for the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) elections this week.

It is crucial that we elect as many socialists as possible to this important body, and support the policies and politics of Richard Leonard and Jeremy Corbyn. Here you can find the full list of CfS-supported candidates.

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At our 2018 AGM a motion was passed in relation to the EU, Freedom of Movement and migrants’ rights. This template motion was agreed by the CfS Executive and members are encouraged to pass this within their CLPs:

“This CLP believes that falling wages, job insecurity, bad housing and overstretched public services are the product of decades of deregulation, privatisation, under-investment, cuts in public services and anti-union legislation. 

Understands that Freedom of Movement within the EU was never just about workers’ or citizens’ rights in and of itself, and was linked with the freedom of goods and capital, which were essential ingredients of the EUs neo-liberal economic agenda.

Further, the “Fortress Europe” approach did not provide Freedom of Movement for the thousands of workers and citizens fleeing oppression or starvation from outside the EU. A policy that has tragically seen thousands of men, women and children drown in the Mediterranean.

Rejects the Tory party’s anti migrant obsessions and calls upon the Labour Party to show it can deliver a real alternative to the Tory’s plans. This must include an expansion or worker and migrant rights, and an end to the hostile environment and a fair and transparent immigration system.  

“This CLP therefore resolves, regardless of the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations and vote, to organise a meeting, open to the public, on migrant worker rights. Speakers should be invited from organisations such as:

• Anti-fascist or migrants rights groups like HOPE not hate or the Scottish Refugee Council
• The Scottish Trade Union Congress or affiliated trade unions 
• Local community campaigns or activists

“This CLP further resolves to advertise widely then build on these meetings to ensure that the Labour Party has genuine links and networks of solidarity with migrants and workers in our communities.”