Here you will find resources and suggestions you can use for organising, internal elections and local Constituency Labour Party meetings.

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As you may know there will be all member elections for all nine CLP representatives on Labour’s National Executive Committee. Nominations for the places opened at the end of January, and the closing date is on Friday 22nd June. We suggest contacting your branch Secretary and/or CLP Secretary to enquire when your CLP is likely to decide who to nominate. 

After receiving 32 applications from Momentum members across the country, Momentum’s National Coordinating group conducted 14 interviews to determine the strongest set of candidates, using a person specification available on the Momentum website. On the basis of this process, and discussions with other CLGA organisations, Momentum is campaigning for the following candidates, all of whom have been put forward to the CLGA. All nine fully support the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, and will campaign for a socialist Labour Government:

  • Yasmine Dar - Yasmine is a councillor in Moston, Manchester, ran for selection in the Manchester Gorton parliamentary by-election and is a qualified social worker. She was recently elected onto the NEC with more votes than any other candidate.
  • Rachel Garnham - Rachel is a member of the National Policy Forum and CLP secretary for Mid Bedfordshire. She was also recently elected onto the NEC.
  • Jon Lansman - Jon is a co-founder of Momentum, chair of Momentum’s  National Coordinating Group and previously worked for Michael Meacher MP. He was recently elected onto the NEC.
  • Claudia Webbe - Claudia is a councillor in Islington, serving in its Cabinet, and has represented members on the NEC since 2016. She is also overseeing the Labour Party Democracy Review. 
  • Darren Williams - Darren is Campaigns Officer for the Public and Commercial Services union, and was a Cardiff Labour Councillor between 2013 and 2017. He has represented members on the NEC since 2016.
  • Peter Willsman - Peter is the Secretary of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, and has represented members on the NEC for a number of years. He has also represented members on the NPF, CAC and NCC.
  • Huda Elmi - Huda was a co-founder of Labour Campaign Against Prevent and was BAME Officer of Labour Students. She is on Momentum’s National Coordinating Group, and has been active in campaigning for a radical reforms to BAME Labour as part of the Labour Party Democracy Review. 
  • Navendu Mishra - Navendu represents Momentum members on the National Coordinating Group, and was formerly the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hazel Grove. He was also a founding member of Momentum Stockport. He currently works for UNISON on the Care Workers for Change project, which aims to empower care workers. 
  • Ann Henderson - Ann served for many years as Assistant Secretary to the Scottish Trade Unions Congress (STUC) and Secretary to the STUC Women’s Committee. She currently works in the Scottish Parliament for Elaine Smith MSP, and is a representative on Labour’s Scottish Executive Committee. She worked for many years in the railway sector. 

Following the closure of nominations, the vote will take place this summer and ballot papers will be distributed to party members via email and post.