Annual Conferences (for both Scotland and the UK as a whole) are where policy proposals are finally voted on to decide whether they make it in to the manifesto for elections. 

On the route to the Conference floor, the policy proposals pass through Policy Forums.  These Forums meet throughout the year to discuss and draft policy proposals.  There is a Scottish Policy Forum (SPF) which discusses devolved matters relevant to the Scottish Parliament and a National Policy Forum (NPF) which discusses reserved matters for the UK Parliament.  SPF proposals end up at Scottish Conference, and NPF proposals end up at UK Conference.

The positions on both the SPF and NPF are elected and Campaign for Socialism stands candidates for these to ensure that there is a strong socialist representation on both.  A detailed breakdown of the SPF and how it is structures can be found here, on the blog of our comrades at Revitalise Scottish Labour.

At various times in the electoral cycle, submissions can be made to the SPF and NPF, and documents that they produce can be amended, via both CLP meetings where there is a collective position adopted, or by individual members.  

  • The Your Britain website is the way for individual members to make submissions for the NPF.
  • This page on Scottish Labour's website allows you to make submissions to the SPF.

When submissions are opened up or new documents are brought forward, CfS will produce draft amendments and guidance on Policy Forum discussions. You can keep up to date with this via our Resources page.

You can also contact your representatives on the SPF and NPF.  (Full details to follow as there NPF elections currently taking place)