The Labour Party can be a pretty confusing place for anyone new to it (and even for those who have been around for a while!).  With party structures that reflect every level of Government - from Councils and devolved administrations such as the Scottish Parliament through to the UK Parliament and right up to the European Union - it is easy to get lost or be unclear how ordinary members figure in.

These pages are designed to help map out the Party structures as well as the organisations that are part of the wider labour movement. Here you will also find resources that you can use and guidance on how you can get involved in creating policy or campaigning.

The Campaign for Socialism has a particular focus on promoting policies within Constituency Labour Parties across Scotland, but the information here will cover other organisations and groups that share our aims and values.

We want as many people as possible to join up and take part in the democratic processes within the Party to ensure that as wide a range of voices and opinions are heard at all levels.

If you aren't already a member of the Labour Party you can join up here.