Here you will find resources and suggestions you can use for organising, internal elections and local Constituency Labour Party meetings.

If you are aware of any issues that have not been covered below then you can contact us here.

At the 2017 CfS AGM, it was agreed that the organisation would support the following candidates for election to the National Constitutional Committee and the Conference Arrangements Committee. 

If you are attending a CLP meeting after the General Election, you should move support for these candidates.

The following motion is suggested for Glasgow CLPs to encourage them to support the campaign to oppose jobcentre closures.  

You can submit this motion to your CLP secretary to be included on the agenda of the next meeting for discussion.

Job Centre Closures Motion

"This CLP notes that the DWP has proposals to close 8 of the 16 jobcentres in Glasgow, with the Parkhead, Bridgeton, Easterhouse, Castlemilk, Langside, Anniesland, Cambuslang and Maryhill offices planned for closure by March 2018.

"This CLP believes that these closures will result in:

  • the loss of jobs in Glasgow, despite the Government’s promise of no redundancies
  • citizens who require social security being severely disadvantaged, with vulnerable claimants being disproportionally harmed by increased travel distances
  • the remaining offices being overburdened with additional work, resulting in staff being over-worked and under-resourced, with expanded hours of work likely to impact on staff, particularly on women and carers

"This CLP resolves to support the PCS trade union, which represents DWP workers in jobcentres, in any campaign to keep these jobcentres open. Party members, councillors and MSPs should contact PCS Scotland to offer support for any action that is taken, and seek to raise this issue at a local and national level. This CLP and members should consider, but not be limited to, writing to local papers to raise the issue; contacting MPs to raise this at Parliament; mobilising and attending demonstrations or meetings held in opposition of the closures."