CFS Statement on Jeremy Corbyn's victory

The Campaign for Socialism – the Left wing grouping within the Scottish Labour Party welcomed the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. The Campaign for Socialism has the backbone of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign in Scotland – which was chaired by CfS member Neil Findlay MSP.

Convener of CFS Elaine Smith MSP said 

“The campaign for socialism was the backbone of Jeremy’s campaign in Scotland, so we are delighted that he has won, but we are well aware that we were pushing at an open door. 

Jeremy’s election is particularly good news for Labour in Scotland. The task of rebuilding Labour support is a massive one and it won’t be done if we are perceived as an ‘austerity lite’ party. Jeremy’s victory is a great start in dispelling that image” 

“ We know this is just the start. Jeremy has outlined ideas and principles that have won over the Labour party – and won supporters and members to the Labour Party by the thousand. We now need to ensure that these ideas become part of labour’s programme and campaigned for in the country”

Findlay win statement 

“This is a fantastic result for Labour in Scotland and throughout the UK. What began as a campaign whose chances no one rated has grown into a movement. 

I’ve had the privilege of chairing the campaign here in Scotland. The energy and commitment of our ever growing number of volunteers has been fantastic. We’ve brought many many people back into the labour party – generating an enthusiasm for Labour as a vehicle for social change that many seem to have found us lacking in recent years . 

“ There is a lot of work to be done – particularly here in Scotland. But today Labour has taken an important first step”