CfS Supports Richard Leonard for Scottish Labour Leader

Richard Leonard’s long-standing commitment to labour and trade union values is second to none. CfS has worked alongside Richard over mny years in his capacity as an officer of the GMB , one of Labour’s largest affiliates. We have seen first-hand his championing of socialist policy and how central he has been in debates around industrial strategy and reducing inequality.

As a founding member of the Keir Hardie Society and frequent contributor to the Red Paper Collective, Richard has shown himself to be not only well versed in the history of our movement, but also able to shape the future direction that the Labour Party and wider labour movement must take to win power and change society.

Crucially, Richard Leonard was one of the vocal supporters of Jeremy Corbyn during the attempted coup in 2016. At a time when other parliamentarians were calling on Corbyn to resign (despite the overwhelming democratic mandate given to him by members) Richard signed an open letter demanding support for Corbyn’s leadership and to respect the decision of the party membership.

Richard was not afraid to be vocal in defence of his principles and in support of grassroots members, at a time when the media and some sections of the party combined to create a very hostile environment. That conviction and principled decision is one of many reasons CfS views Richard Leonard as not just the most credible leader of Scottish Labour, but Labour’s most  credible candidate to become First Minster.

Before the 2017 General Election, CfS argued that we needed to champion the radical policy programme of the ‘For The Many’ manifesto if we were to win back voters. The failure of Scottish Labour to fully commit to that programme resulted in us performing less well than Labour Party across the rest of the UK.

We need a Scottish Labour leader who is not tied to the mistakes of the past, but is able to take us forward and build on the successes that Corbyn and the UK Party has seen over recent months. Richard Leonard will be that candidate.

CfS is and will remain independent of Richard’s official leadership campaign, but we will be calling on all of our members and supporters to fully back his candidacy.