Scottish Labour holding Corbyn back – change is needed. 

The Left grouping inside Scottish Labour has published its ‘Helicopter Analysis’ of Labour’s performance in Scotland at the General election. They conclude that Scottish Labour held back the UK effort Report excerpts  

  • Across the UK Labour increased its number of votes in 607 out of 632 (96%)seats. 21 of the 24 seats where there was no increase were in Scotand.

  • The average increase in Labour vote was  5,883 per constituency; however, in Scotland, it was only 550.  

  • The ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ effect saw the Labour vote increase by over one-third across GB (38%); however, in Scotland, where the Scottish Party led an anti-SNP campaign with the ‘send Nicola a message’ narrative that almost silenced Jeremy’s message of ‘for the many’, only saw a very small increase of 1%

  • By not challenging effectively the Tories’ record in government since 2010 and focussing on the SNP, Scottish Labour’s strategists – still in the Better Together mind-set – tacitly oversaw the Scottish Tories increase their votes by approximately 5,500 in the average constituency.

  • The priority must be keeping the momentum of Jeremy’s campaign going and planning ways to sustain this for the forthcoming 18 months; especially, given the SNP’s concern that after another snap general election they could be down to three MPs.

Full report, authored by CfS Vice Chair and former MSP Lesley Brennan  available at

A Campaign for Socialism spokesperson said: 

“While it’s great we won some seats back, it’s clear that the campaign here failed to deliver. While elsewhere we seen people being enthused by ‘for the many, not the few’ we concentrated on the dispiriting visionless ‘send Nicola a message’  - and paid a price for that, coming third in votes and seats for the first time in a century.

In Scotland we looked more like Jim Murphy’s Labour Party than Jeremy Corbyn’s – and that isn’t a good look. We need to change – but that’s more about changing emphasis than leadership. 

Jeremy has put Labour on the path to government across the UK – because “for the many – not the few” is a message that resonates, it’s one that Scottish Labour needs to send.”