General Election Result Statement

The results are almost finalised - but it is clear that the transformational economic and social agenda put forward by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has received widespread popular support across Britain.

In Scotland the Scottish Labour Party has seen significant gains from the SNP, during a campaign in which the issues concerning Scotland have been front and centre.

It is apparent now that Jeremy Corbyn must remain as leader of the Labour Party and Scottish Labour must build on its modest successes by following the model laid out by Corbyn and his team over the past two years.

It is only by directly addressing the issues that afflict people's everyday lives that Labour can begin to be relevant in Scotland again. 

The Tories plans to create a coalition of cavemen with the DUP will push the UK further to the right and bring the country ever closer to economic recession. Jobs, families, and international relations rely on a strong opposition to them. Labour will provide it.

Campaign for Socialism have been at the heart of this campaign and the debates that preceded it. We want to work with people across the labour movement and Scottish Labour Party to reach a new settlement around the policies that constituted 'For the Many, Not the Few' Labour's fantastic 2017 manifesto. 

In the coming weeks we will kickstart that debate, so that gains across the UK can be reflected in Scotland at the next election. Help us organise to remove this illegitimate Tory/DUP coalition by joining Campaign for Socialism.