Hard Line Needed in Granite City

Scottish Labour Party rules are clear – council groups need approval of coalition deals by the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC). This rule applies as much to Aberdeen as anywhere else.

As the SEC has not approved the proposed deal with the Tories in the city council, it should be withdrawn.

The SEC has a role in this to ensure that Labour is clearly seen to be a party defending services, jobs and combating austerity. CfS-supporting CLP reps on the SEC pushed for the application of a strong anti-austerity position on deals – in line with the policies passed at Scottish conference.  

We, particularly in the midst of a general election, need to be true to Labour values of being for the many, not the few. Deals with Conservatives on councils won’t do that.  Labour groups forming coalitions with the Tories won’t be putting through a programme so much as contributing to further decline.

If Aberdeen councillors won’t uphold Labour rules then the party has little choice but to suspend them and this is what should happen.

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