Left Wins in Scottish Young Labour


11 February 2017

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Further Leftwards Shift in Scottish Labour

Today (Saturday 11th) candidates from the Scottish Labour Young Socialists (SLYS) won a clean sweep of committee positions to Scottish Young Labour (SYL). SLYS stood seven candidates in the elections, and were overwhelmingly voted in by members at the SYL Conference, which was held at Strathclyde University. 

This win represents another major leftwards shift in Scottish Labour. Last summer, the Sottish Labour Party’s electorate voted to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn as UK Party Leader.  And last month, Campaign for Socialism (CfS) backed candidates won five out of a possible eight positions on the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC), helping shift the balance of power towards the left. SLYS is an autonomous organisation, but is affiliated to CfS and acts as it’s youth wing, showing the increasing influence of these organisations within Scottish Labour.

Speaking after the results were announced the new Vice Chair, Laura Dover, said:

“I’m pleased to announce that SLYS candidates have won a clean sweep at the SYL Conference, and would like to thank all the candidates took part in the elections. 

“We stood on a clear platform that we needed a radical youth wing that will campaign in communities; alongside trade unions and be willing to be an explicitly political organisation that is willing to speak out and give a voice to young people across Scotland.

“It’s no secret that Scottish Labour is in a bad place just now. We need to shift the debate on to issues that people genuinely care about - employment, wages, health care and education - and we need socialist solutions to these problems, not just watered down austerity. The new SYL committee will be seeking to lead the way on those debates and campaigns as part of a wider movement in Scottish Labour that will return the party to power again to deliver real change.”



The successful candidates were Liam Gleeson (Chair), Laura Dover (Vice Chair), Chris Barbour (Secretary), Mhari Sharkey (Treasurer), Emily Robinson (Press & Comms), Alison Glass (Trade Union Liaison) and Andrew Bustard (Campaigns Manager).

For further comment please contact SLYS candidate for Press & Comms Officer, Emily Robinson, at robinsonemilye@gmail.com

CfS was formed in 1994 as part of the left’s campaign to retain Clause 4 of the Labour Party’s constitution. The group now exists to promote socialist ideas and policies within the labour movement. SLYS are an autonomous organisation for CfS members who are under 30. More information can be found here: http://www.campaignforsocialism.org.uk