CfS-Momentum Joint Membership Agreed

Momentum was founded to build on the energy and political programme generated from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign.  In Scotland, the Campaign for Socialism (CfS), which has been organising on the Labour Left for over 20 years, was asked to set up Momentum Scotland and help grow local Momentum groups.

At a recent All Members Meeting, CfS agreed a joint membership structure between the two organisations.  As such, anyone who joins either organisation in Scotland will now be a member of “CfS-Momentum Scotland”.
We are now in the process of harmonising our membership fees and mailing lists to improve coordination for anyone seeking to become involved in the largest Labour Left organisation in the country.

We will soon undertake a further membership drive and seek to work with local groups who already have campaigns and meetings under way.  Local groups will need to meet the requirements laid out in Momentum's guidance, found HERE.  Local groups will be invited to send 1 delegate to CfS-Momentum's Executive (2 for groups of 50+ members).

For anyone interested in becoming more active, or intending to constitute a local group, please contact CfS-Momentum Scotland’s secretary at