CfS Statement on the Scottish Election

Scottish Labour's Campaign for Socialism, the organised left grouping in the Scottish Labour Party  is urging the party to focus on protecting the workers and communities who will be under threat following the return of the SNP Government.

Chairperson of Scottish Labour’s Campaign for Socialism said -

“We bitterly regret that Labour wasn’t more successful on Thursday but it is obvious that this was an election where flags beat facts.  Scottish politics has become narrowed around issues of national identity and consequently more right wing as a result.  We see this especially in economic terms with a vote for the SNP’s right wing policies and the Tories even farther right wing policies, and a rejection of the anti-austerity policies offered by Scottish Labour.

The price for this is likely to be paid by public sector workers, young people exploited by low pay and job insecurity, the elderly in need of social care and the communities that will be affected by fracking.

Labour cannot rebuild and renew by buying into either of the politics of national identity on offer. We can only relaunch ourselves as a viable alternative by being an alternative – by being on people’s side and campaigning alongside them while the SNP try to make cuts and the Tories egg them on.   

We need to  base ourselves on the reality of inequality and injustice in a class based society. You can't eat a flag - and it's our task to make facts beat flags.”