CfS makes gains on internal elections

As well as the historic victory of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party - which Campaign for Socialism fully endorsed and campaigned for - there were also significant gains for our candidates on the internal elections to the National Policy Forum (NPF). The NPF shapes policy proposals for Conference and ultimately the manifesto, so it was vital we elected socialists to these positions.

In the last internal elections for the NPF in Scotland, the right-wing slate of Labour First won four out of the five positions. This time there has been a complete reversal of the result, and CfS has won four out of the five positions, with CfS members Iona Baker, Martyn Cook, Suzi Cullinane and Lyndsay Clelland all elected, reflecting mainstream opinion in the party. Only Mike Cowley narrowly missed out, and the fact that two non-allligend candidates ran was likely to have had some impact on him falling just short and CfS picking up a clean sweep.

This result represents a serious shift in Scottish Labour in our favour and we will continue to build on this success.

The results were as follows:

BAKER, Iona - 4,351 Elected (CfS)

COOK, Martyn - 3,943 Elected (CfS)

COWLEY, Mike - 3,003 (CfS)

CULLINANE, Suzi - 3,913 Elected (CfS)    

CUNNING, Barrie - 1,401 (Non-alligned)    

DOYLE, Gemma - 3,480 (Labour First)     

GLACKIN, Jamie - 2,688 (Labour First)    

HEADLEY, Cat - 3,043 (Labour First)     

MURRAY, Katrina - 3,587 Elected (Labour First)    

NICHOLSON, Scott - 2,293 (Non-alligned)    

Youth Section

CLELLAND, Lyndsay 646 Elected (CfS)

DEARDEN, Kate 461 (Labour First)