Statement on the Welfare Bill vote

The Executive of the Campaign for Socialism would like to express the disgust and anger shared by our members and many others in the Labour Party at the actions of the majority of Parliamentary Labour Party in failing to vote against the iniquitous Tory Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

We congratulate the 48 Labour MPs and in particular Jeremy Corbyn, who voted against the Bill despite pressure from the whips. It helps explain why so many Labour Party members see Jeremy Corbyn as the only candidate for the Leadership who offers hope for the future. 

The CfS will continue to fight against the austerity measures of the Tories, the SNP and the Labour Party should they continue down this path. 

The CfS believes that the decision by the PLP to abstain means that the Labour Party in Scotland and the UK is at a critical juncture. We are now fighting to ensure that the politics of class and socialism have a place in the Labour Party and through the Labour Party in Scottish and British society.   

Vince Mills, Chair of the Campaign for Socialism said:

“In light of the decision by the PLP to abandon the founding principles of Labour we call on all socialists and trade unionists to join the Campaign for Socialism and back the Jeremy Corbyn campaign so that we can campaign effectively inside and outside the Labour Party to stop the Tories in their tracks and build for a future based on humane, socialist principles.”