CfS angered at Labour NEC's decision to endorse Collins propsals

Left Labour MPs, Katy Clark and John McDonnell, and the Convenor of the Campaign for Socialism (CfS) and depute presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament, Elaine Smith MSP, will be among the speakers at a public meeting in Glasgow this Saturday (February 8th).
The meeting will be the first opportunity the Scottish Labour Left has to show its anger at the continued attempts to dilute the relationship between the Trade Unions and the Labour Party. It is likely that Ed Miliband’s damaging proposals, outlined in the Collins Review, will come under fierce scrutiny at the meeting.
Labour MSP, Elaine Smith (Convenor of CfS), said,

“CfS unreservedly supports the institutional link between the Labour Party and the Trade Union Movement and opposes any attempts to dilute trade unions’ collective influence within the Party; including the resurrection of the 1920s Tory policy of ‘opting-in'. The Scottish Labour Party will need to decide what this means for SLP/Trade Union links in Scotland."
Labour MP, John McDonnell, also said,

“Now that the Labour leadership has adopted a strategy of incrementally severing the party’s links with the trade union movement and, in effect, the organised working class, socialists will also have to decide what role they will play both within the party and mobilising beyond it. It may well be that they find mobilising and direct action campaigning in the real world beyond narrow party structures are more effective methods of changing the world.”