CfS Response to Scottish Labour Conference

The Campaign for Socialism recognises and welcomes the enormous distance the Scottish Labour Party has come in the short time since the general election defeat and the election of Kezia Dugdale and Jeremey Corbyn as leaders in Scotland the UK. 

Kezia Dugdale’s radical plan to tackle the cruel Tory attacks on tax credits and provide financial support to help looked after youngsters succeed in Higher Education which she announced in her conference speech, showed that Scottish Labour is now committed to redistribution from the rich to those in need.

The decisions on TTIP, Trident, the Trade Union Bill, and Housing, all issues chosen by the membership itself and a raft of other motions, for example buying back PFI and PPP schemes, mean that Scottish Labour will enter the 2016 elections with the most progressive manifesto of any party in Scotland and with an enthusiastic membership which has grown enormously in the last six months. 

Convenor of the Campaign for Socialism Elaine Smith MSP said:

“Kezia Dugdale has made good her promise on making the Scottish Labour Party more open and democratic. Scotland will reap great benefits from this. Under the SNP Scotland has become a centralised, economically stunted country, with struggling social services.   Thanks to this exercise in democratic change, Scottish Labour is now united, enthused and committed to using the existing and new powers of the Scottish Parliament to take Scotland away from the SNP’s dead end towards what Keir Hardie called ‘the sunshine of socialism’, a shift in the balance of wealth and power in favour of working people.”