Campaign for Socialism isn't the only organisation on the Labour Left. In Scotland and across the rest of the UK there are other fraternal organisations and fellow travellers who also seek to win the Labour Party to socialist policies and increase party democracy. Below is a guide to some of the organisations we support, work alongside and sometimes overlap with!

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) organises across the UK for an increase in party democracy with particular focus on Party Conference.

The main motivation for the Campaign was the record of the Labour governments in the sixties and the way that Annual Conference decisions were continually ignored on key domestic and international issues…

CLPD will sometimes promote seem ingly non-democracy issues such as the significant extension of public ownership, defending the welfare state and the first- past-the-post electoral system (PR would mean no majority Labour Governments). All such policies derive from our commitment to socialist values and socialist advance…

The major focus of CLPD’s work in recent years has been to win back power for the rank-and-file, which has been surreptitiously transferred to the centre under the pretext of “modernisation” and, ironically, “extending Party democracy”.

Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) campaigns with the Labour Party, and CfS is fully supportive of the aims of not renewing Trident and scrapping nuclear weapons.

Labour CND is open to all Labour Party members who are also members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Our purpose is to build support for nuclear disarmament and a peaceful foreign policy within the Labour Party. We call for the scrapping of the Trident nuclear weapon system and for Britain to end its support for neo-conservative US military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As well as individual members, we also welcome support from constituency parties and other branches and affiliates of the party

The Labour Representation Committee (LRC) is a network of left-wing Labour activists and representatives organised across the UK. It is in effect a sister organisation to CfS and focuses more on England and Wales.

The original Labour Representation Committee was formed in 1900 to fight for political representation for the Labour Movement. In Britain today we face a similar crisis of representation. The LRC has been re-formed to secure a voice for socialists within the Labour Party, the unions, and Parliament.

Never in the history of the Labour Party has the need been so great to make the case for peace and socialism. The advocates of global capitalism and war have taken control of the political agenda. The task for today’s LRC, founded in 2004, is to fight for power within the Labour Party and trade unions and to appeal to the tens of thousands who have turned away from Labour in disillusion and despair.

Left Futures is the best blog for Labour Left news and views. It will provide information on internal elections and draw on contributors from across the Labour Left. 

Left Futures is an independent on-line network which seeks to bring to the web the best writing and the sharpest criticism on the Left, and open debate about shaping the future. It is committed to socialism, sustainability, internationalism and democracy.

Whilst Left Futures welcomes all on the Left as readers and contributors, red or green, aligned or not, it believes that the Left’s future remains inextricably linked with that of the Labour Party.

We shall therefore provide a platform for those campaigns which seek to re-align Labour on a Left path, to restore democracy within it and to develop a programme, both principled and popular, to bring about the fundamental changes in society we have long sought.

Momentum arose from the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign, and is an attempt to build on the enthusiasm and energy which that election unleashed. Momentum is a UK-wide sister organisation to CfS, which will continue to organise the Labour left in Scotland as a separate organisation. However, both organisations have agreed a joint membership scheme which allows CfS members to vote in Momentum elections and vice versa. CfS has also has a reserved seat on Momentum's National Coordinating Group. 

What does Momentum want to do?

Organise in every town, city and village to create a mass movement for real progressive change.

Make Labour a more democratic party, with the policies and collective will to implement them in government.

Bring together individuals and groups in our communities and workplaces to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to us.

The Morning Star is the only socialist daily newspaper published in Great Britain. It is supportive of the Labour left, taking contributions from CfS members and MSPs, and provides a much need class-based analysis and coverage to the daily news.

The Morning Star is the only paper that actively campaigns for working-class politics. The only paper that supports the People’s Assembly and reports authoritatively on what is happening in Cuba, Palestine, Ukraine and elsewhere. It offers a unique, non-sectarian perspective on national and international news not offered by the mainstream media. No other daily newspaper carries such a range of voices from the left — trade union leaders and activists, left Labour MPs and the Communist Party, the Stop the War Coalition, the anti-fascist campaigns Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism, the Green Party and more. We also feature distinctive arts and sports coverage unavailable elsewhere.

The People's Assembly Against Austerity is an attempt to bring together as broad a coalition of groups as possible - both inside the Labour Party and outside - to protest against austerity and argue for an alternative to cuts.  CfS is a formal supporter of the People's Assembly.

There is no need for ANY cuts to public spending; no need to decimate public services; no need for unemployment or pay and pension cuts; no need for Austerity and privatisation. There IS an alternative.

We need a government to reverse damaging austerity, and replace it with a new set of policies providing us with a fair, sustainable and secure future. We can no longer tolerate politicians looking out for themselves and for the rich and powerful. Our political representatives must start governing in the interests of the majority.

Red Labour are mostly organised on social media, having a large number of Facebook and Twitter followers. They seek to use social media campaigning and posts to raise awareness of Labour Left politics.

Red Labour is made up of ordinary members of the Labour Party. Collectively, we advocate a clear socialist policy orientation in the Labour Party. We are proud of Labour’s socialist traditions and we work to revitalise grassroots socialism within the Party.

Although we campaign both within and without the Labour Party, we are members who believe that it is vital to change the Party from the bottom up if we are to build a serious, socialist alternative in the UK. In order to build this grassroots socialism, we encourage fellow socialists to join the Labour Party – and most importantly, join in. For the left to have a voice in the Party, we must no longer sit back. We must work together and get organised, locally and nationally.

The Red Paper Collective was established in 2012 and follows in previous Red Paper publications going back to 1975.  CfS members have contributed to its examination of constitutional and class politics.

The Red Paper Collective is made up of a group of activists: trade unionists, academics, politicians. Our purpose is to provide a Labour Movement alternative to the sterile nationalist v unionist debate around the referendum.

We are more interested in the politics of class than the politics of nationalism, in social and economic change rather than constitutional change. Through publications and debates we are looking at where power really lies – and how it can be put in the hands of working people.

The answer to the real problems facing people in Scotland is not to be found in a flag, a border or even a list of powers in Edinburgh and London. It is what you intend to do with these powers and for what purpose.

Revitalise is an informal network of Scottish Labour Party activists who support the strengthening of democracy within the Scottish Labour Party. On their website you'll find frequent reports from the Scottish Executive Committee and articles on the Scottish Labour Party's structure.

The Revitalise Scottish Labour network was established in 2004 to promote greater democracy within the Party. Revitalise held a conference in 2004, and a series of annual fringe meetings – bringing together a broad coalition in support of constitutional change.

The main proposals were:
The power to debate reserved matters at Scottish Labour Party conference.
Reforming the policy process including the power to amend the final report at conference.
Engaging the wider party in the decision to reach coalition agreements in the Scottish Parliament.

The Trade Union Group of Labour MPs was re-launched in 2013 to ensure that trade unionists had an organised voice in Parliament.

The Trade Union Group of MPs is a vehicle for promoting the voices of working people in Parliament. We work with a wide range of MPs and trade unionists to push the political agenda on to the side of working people.

Although based in the heart of Westminster, we aim to promote a policy agenda that reflects the wider concerns of working people from all walks of life, across the UK. This is achieved through a wide range of campaigns, events and debates held both within Parliament and in the regions.

Young Labour Trade Unionist Network seeks to bring together young Trade Union members of the Labour Party.

Newly set up Labour Young Trade Union Network seeks to give young working people a platform within the Labour Party so we can join the debate about our own future.

Our aim is to provide education for young people on the trade union movement; to recruit more young trade unionists to Young Labour, and to encourage more Young Labour members to join trade unions.