You can join here to receive joint membership of the Campaign for Socialism from either £10 per year rate if in full time employment, or at the £5 reduced rate if you aren't.  

If you are under 30 you will also be able to join at the £5 reduced rate and will also be given membership to the Scottish Labour Young Socialists at the same time.

Membership of CfS/SLYS also allows you to take part in Momentum's elections at at UK level.

At present, you can pay this online ANNUALLY.

Campaign for Socialism also has an agreement with Labour Briefing, a Labour left monthly magazine in which we publish articles and analysis.  Subscriptions are normally £25, but as a member of CfS you can opt-in for the SUBSCRIPTION at a reduced rate of just £15 per year.

You can also make a DONATION to CfS by completing the form at the bottom of the page.