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CfS Edinburgh and Lothians Campaign Day

Whatever you can do is appreciated - whether you make all three sessions or even just part of one this will make a real difference. Each candidate will also be running more sessions throughout the day, so if you want to stay in one area, then that's great too!

If you want more information or can offer lifts then please contact 07827 962 960.

Rhea Wolfson (Livingston)

10.00, Meet at West Calder Train Station,EH55 8BS .

Directions: For those travelling by train, the 9.03 from Glasgow Central arrives at 9.44 and the 9.25 arrives at 10.03. If you would like to meet any others travelling by train please text 07827 962 960 to arrange meeitng points.

We will be runing at least one car from Glasgow. If you would like a life, or are planning on driving from Glasgow (or any other location) and can offer more lifts, please text 07827 962 960 to confirm.

Danielle Rowley (Midlothian)

13:00, Danderhall Leisure Centre Newton, Church Rd, Dalkeith EH22 1LU

Directons: For those traveling from West Calder by train, the 11.43 to Edinburgh Waverly will arrive at 12.25. From there, a 12.25 train to Shawfair will bring you close to the meeting point. Lifts form Shawfair can be arranged by phoning 07494069638.

Driving from West Calder to Dlakeith takes approximately 40 minutes.

Gordon Munro (Edinburgh North and Leith)

16:00, Meet at Easter Drylaw Place, Edinburgh EH4 2QJ.

Directions: From Shawfair, the 15.12 train to Waverly will arrive at 15.29. From there, the 27, 29 and 37 buses will arrive close to the meeting point. For more details contact 07745910 151.