CfS Executive Report – 19/01/19

by Sean Duffy, Secretary

  • CfS continues to maintain a healthy membership of over 1000 individuals. The executive agreed to allocate sufficient funds to assist the eight SEC candidates, the election of which begins 25th January.

  • The SEC campaign is now well established and a campaign plan has been agreed with all candidates. The 8 candidates are agreed on the campaign focuses and request that members actively engage with and support their campaigns as and when requested.

  • CfS will put a further call out for individuals who are interested in standing for Holyrood, with a particular focus on developing new candidates who will espouse the politics of socialism.

  • The Chair is consulting with former SLYS members regarding that organisation’s failure to prosper in the hope of finding a way forward to reconstitute the organisation in some form.

  • CfS are organising a conference fringe and will look into the cost viability of having a stall in Dundee at Scottish Labour conference.

  • The Momentum NCG representative will build further links with Welsh Labour Grassroots with a view to mutual visits and the bolstering of relationships.

  • There will be an All Members Meeting to deal with policy proposals in February and the AGM is scheduled for March, once again in Kirkcaldy.

The Executive aims to meet on the first Saturday of each month, where feasible. Members can submit motions or raise issues at any time by emailing