CfS Glasgow Momentum AGM Minutes 2017

Glasgow Campaign for Socialism-Momentum

AGM Minutes

Thursday 31st of August


Sean Duffy, Martin Lennon, Michael Calder, Lauren Bryden, Sandy Burney, John Beattie,

Danny O’Neill, Matt Kerr, Paul McNally, Stan Crooke, Michael Muir, Willie Griffin,, Jess

Galloway, John Cork, Chris Cassells, Jim MacKechnie, Anna Dyer, M Davis, Christopher

Barbour, Kathryn Kelly, Gerant James, Martyn Cook, Hazel Nolan.

Motion A:

Two priority areas of work for Glasgow CfS-Momentum over the next 12 months are:

- Monthly all members meetings which have as their prime purpose political discussions

and education.

- Building CLP Youth Sections


Motion B:

Glasgow Momentum CfS/ notes that both Unite (2016 Policy Conference) and the Scottish

Left Review new support the open reelection of Labour MPs. Open reelection is essential

to ensure that Labour MP’s and candidates represent the views of the membership, the

overwhelming majority of whom are support Corbyn. To that end, the incoming executive is

instructed to drag a model motion in support of open reelection and to coordinate and

organise support for the submission of said motion to Glasgow CLPs.


Motion C:

Glasgow Momentum recognises that the fight to defend workers’ rights if France against

President Macron’s attempt to amend the Labour code is important to workers throughout

Europe. We declare ourselves in solidarity with the works and youth fighting to preserve

rights under the current Labour code and we hope further issues in the course of the

struggle. Glasgow Momentum will take part in organising meetings, demonstrations and

other solidarity with the struggle for workers’ rights in France.


Motion D:

Glasgow Momentum will aim to stand a left slate in every CLP AGM in Glasgow and a left

candidate for casual vacancies on CLP ECs and local bodies like the LCF where they

occur. The incoming executive to keep a view on the number of momentum supporters in

each CLP EC.


Executive Proposal

The name of the group will be either:

1. Campaign for Socialism

2. Campaign for Socialism-Momentum.

3. Momentum.

1) 14 votes 2) 16 votes 3) 1 Vote.

The organisation will adopt the name ‘Campaign for Socialism-Momentum’

Adoption of Standing Orders



Election of Officer Roles.

Chair: Paul McNally

Secretary: Laura Dover

Social Media Officer: Callum Warwick

Data Protection Officer: Christopher Barbour.

CLP Officers:

Daniel O’Neill, Stewart Wakelam, John Cork, Mathew Jones,

Lauren Bryden, Kate Kelly, Michael Calder, Anna Dyer.