CfS Executive Report – 06/10/18

Martyn Cook (Chair), Stephen Low, Mike Cowley, Alistair Craig, Mike Williams, Paul McNally (minutes), Lorcan Mullen, Siobhan Mcready

Dial-in: Laura McDonald, Carol Mochan


Cara Hilton, Maureen Sharkey, Sean Duffy

1. Chair report


Stevie Nolan from Unite is coming over 13th-14th October to contribute to our political education courses.  Our Highlands and Islands group ran the ‘History of labour in Scotland’ session, with Fife, Dundee and Glasgow to follow shortly.


Jess Galloway has finished working with Momentum and the executive wished to thank Jess for all her contributions and hard work, wishing her well in the future.  Noted that it is unlikely there would be a new organiser in the short term at least.

2. Treasurer report


The new required signatories have been agreed with the bank.

3. Matters arising at Holyrood


In light of recent events at Holyrood, it was noted that more work needs to be done to ensure that the left has a proactive message as opposed to responding. More work is required to coordinate the left’s approach, and strengthen the presence and voices of socialists in Scottish politics.


Noted that there has been a break down in communications within SLYS after a report given by SLYS rep, Alistair Craig. It was agreed that the Chair of CfS would write to the committee on the first instance to propose a way forward.


5. U.K. Conference


Members there thought it was a good event for member involvement. Relationship to CLP’s and Unions needs some political education as many of the new CLP members and delegates were unaware of the role or presence of Trade Union Delegates.

TWT had some very good sessions, including our well attended session on Brexit and Federal politics. Agreed to look at organising a Scottish equivalent with TWT.


6. Motions from members and Edinburgh Momentum re procedures


The executive noted the motions which had been received but agreed that they could not be actioned. The executive would write back and confirm the details of this.


7. Relationship with Labour Briefing

Unfortunately Labour Briefing has posted and shared content which has been attacking CfS and the executive in particular. It is clear that we have reached different political positions and priorities, so it was voted on (9 in favour, 1 abstention) to end the formal relationship with Briefing.


8. Women’s Conference


Agreed that candidates nominated from the CfS women’s group would be endorsed.



9. Present and future campaigns


Agreed to promote and support the Coatbridge-by election. We would also in principle coordinate with local activists to have a CfS campaign day, provisionally on the 20th/21st.


11. AOB


Brexit and Freedom of Movement statement. Following on from our session at conference, and the leader’s speech, now would be a good time to action the AGM motion on Freedom of Movement. Draft text presented which called for action in CLPs to build solidarity with migrant and anti-racist organisations.

Next meeting: First Saturday of November.