Momentum NCG Report - December 2017

Report – Momentum National Coordinating Group, December 2nd 2017

- Lorcan Mullen (CfS NCG rep)

This is a brief report outlining what I thought were the most relevant issues discussed at the NCG. As this meeting was my first, the note will probably lack some detail where I'm just getting up to speed with who's who etc. If any points discussed below require further explanation, be sure to get in touch. 

Jon Lansman convened the meeting, welcoming me and delegates from the now-affiliated CWU and the BFAWU. A vote of thanks was moved for CFS's work on the Richard Leonard campaign. 

The new National Coordinator Laura Parker was introduced. Laura will manage staff, operations and resources and will report to the NCG. Laura was previously an aide to Jeremy Corbyn and a lay Momentum activist in London. 

Laura discussed her first report as NC, which outlined impressive work and feedback on Momentum's role at conference, its digital communications and analytics operation and the establishment of a successful training network based around practical campaigning skills. There were positive discussions around maximising left attendance at next year's conference (noting some issues left CLPs had with registration, travel and accommodation) and bringing the energy and thinking of The World Transformed to all parts of the country. 

Current priorities are: success in electing left delegates in the NEC elections, winning the NEC Youth Rep seat, getting the most out of the Democracy Review and consolidating the organisation for the long term. As a digital platform for collating Momentum activists' proposals for the democracy review will be launched in the new year, local groups should already be getting together to discuss their priorities and drafting submissions. CFS may wish to generate its own papers to feed in to this process. 

The finances are currently sound, but the organising and digital staff are working on recruitment, member retention, chasing lapsed memberships, increased revenue generation, etc. 

As per the Momentum constitution, NCG elections were agreed for early 2018 on the following timetable:

Nominations – midday 09.02.18 – midday 02.03.18

Voting – 07.03.18 – 23.03.18

As per the constitution, there will be a Momentum conference in 2018. With NCG support, the NC suggested this could usefully take place alongside some other left / labour movement event like the Durham Miners' Gala. More detailed plans will be brought to the next NCG. 

With regard to Labour Party elections, the NCG approved verbal reports on plans for Young Labour elections and National Policy Forum elections, with Momentum officers / organisers set to take a lead in coordinating slate formation and election campaigns. A motion from Rida Vaquas on an alternative, OMOV-based method for slate formation in Young Labour elections was withdrawn on the day. 

Under AOCB, attendees agreed to tighten up communication between officers / staff and NCG delegates about organisational developments, noted ongoing work on recruiting BAME members and black history and agreed further support and promotion for workers' struggles like McStrike and the Picturehouse dispute. 

It was agreed that Momentum communications should encourage activism and initiative within trade unions, not simply “join a union!”

The next meeting was set for Saturday February 24th 2018, with a London venue TBC.