Something Very Special

Denise Christie, CfS executive member

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign exploded into Scotland for a non stop two day tour engaging with over 2000 supporters covering Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I was honoured to have been asked to chair the Edinburgh and Glasgow events.

Like many of Jeremy’s events, they were all over subscribed, with overspill rooms having to be used. Supporters also heard from life time social justice campaigners such as Neil Findlay and first time speakers like April Cummings - who as a youth voter felt very disengaged until she got inspired by the campaign.

April told us that Jeremy respects the membership and looks to learn from them. His priorities of fairness, equality and social justice are expressed in a manner that is free from the jargon and hollow sound bites that have become the standard in parliamentary politics. In doing so he breaks boundaries that never should have existed, between people and politicians, the party and its members.

The noticeable thing about the campaign is that it is very organic and natural and from the grassroots. It's real people talking about real issues with a sense of honesty and sincerity.

During the events, you could hear a pin drop when Jeremy spoke from an audience whose make up was gender balanced, expanded over many age groups and many ethnicities. He's engaged with our youth and brought tears to the eyes of the maturest of audiences.

It feels like this is the moment that many have been waiting for and his politics of hope have reignited the fire in everyone's belly. People are passionate about him and that's why the emotions shine through.

Glasgow's rally was electrifying. The beautiful setting of the Old Fruitmarket could have been packed out twice over. Jeremy came onto a standing ovation when he took to the stage. Before he spoke he looked out at the audience and whispered in my ear "Tony Benn would have loved this." He realises that this isn't about Jeremy Corbyn the man but Jeremy Corbyn the movement whilst reflecting on many who have campaigned before him.

As he finishes the crowd start to chant "Jez We Can" The band (who Jeremy renamed the socialist band) finished off the evening with a rendition of Bandierra Rosa. We were all in full voice and you suddenly get that feeling that we are all part of something very special indeed.

This article originally appeared in the September issue of Labour Briefing.